The Series
This web site is home for the series Advanced Tracking With Prosper 202.

The volumes in this series grew out of a set of notes I began putting together when I first came across the FREE tracking software application known as Prosper 202.

Despite the fact that there are many tutorial videos to be found on the web which explain the BASIC use of the software there is really no discussion of how to use Prosper 202 to perform anything that might be characterized as a "non-trivial" campaign.

At least, that has been the case until now. The 4-volume series "Advanced Tracking With Prosper 202" begins with the overview in Volume 1: The Mechanics Of Event Tracking and ends with a discussion of a decidedly non-trivial funnel and tracking solution in Volume 4: The Ultimate CPA Strategy. Along the way tracking solutions are developed to assist with email marketing (Volume 2) and landing page creation (Volume 3).

In case you are wondering about where I am based physically, it is Pasadena, California. But if there are beach babes, sun, sand, and fun to be found out here, I haven't noticed them. Sadly, I'm too busy working.

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